Medical Laboratory Science Major

Saint Joseph’s University's medical laboratory science program is one of the few hospital-based programs in the region directed by a certified medical laboratory scientist. And unlike many health sciences programs, our medical laboratory science major requires only four years of study. With a versatile curriculum taught by the Department of Biology’s expert faculty at our University City campus and a year-long internship in a medical or clinical lab, you’ll learn the biological, physiological and pathological basis of disease, gaining an unparalleled understanding of the medical science field.

BIO 132Introductory Biology I3
BIO 132LIntroductory Biology I Lab1
BIO 133Introductory Biology II3
BIO 133LIntroductory Biology II Lab1
BIO 150LBio I: Cells Lab Phage0
BIO 151LPhage Lab0
BIO 243Microbial Science3
BIO 243LMicrobial Science Lab1
BIO 306Human Molecular & Cellular Bio3
or BIO 476
Molecular Biology
and Molecular Biology Lab
BIO 311Anatomy and Physiology II3
BIO 230Basic Concepts and Procedures4
BIO 404Biochemistry3
Medical Lab Science Elective:3
and Hematology Lab
Clinical Microbiology
Immunology requirement:3
Principals &App of Immunology
and Immunology Lab
MLS 102MLS Orientation II1
Additional Science Requirements
CHM 120General Chemistry I3
CHM 120LGeneral Chemistry Lab I2
CHM 125General Chemistry II3
CHM 125LGeneral Chemistry Lab II2
CHM 210Organic Chemistry I3
CHM 210LOrganic Chemistry Lab I1
CHM 215Organic Chemistry II3
CHM 215LOrganic Chemistry Lab II1
MLS Clinicals