Museum Education MA

The fully online, synchronous curriculum includes three key strands: (a) foundations in museum education, (b) pedagogical practices, and (c) inclusive learning environments.

Within each strand, the program focuses on: 

  • Foundations of Museum Education: history and philosophy of museums, especially museum education; the museum’s shifting role in society 
  • Inclusive Learning Environments: Anti-racism, anti-bias lens in museum education, DEI frameworks 
  • Pedagogical Practices: experiential learning, object-based learning, and design theory for in-person and virtual spaces; effective communication and presentations

Goal 1: Our graduates will develop a strong foundation in their field’s theoretical and empirical literature, as well as the capacity to apply theory to practice-based problems.

Outcome 1.1: Students will develop a strong foundation in their field’s theoretical and empirical literature.

Outcome 1.2: Students will demonstrate the ability to apply a theoretical framework or empirical study to a problem of practice, as well as the capacity to reflect on the efficacy of their decision-making. 

Goal 2: Our graduates will develop a strong foundation in education and leadership focused on inclusive cultures, social justice, and equity-minded change.

Outcome 2.1: Students will develop the capacity to participate in and lead inclusive cultures in their field.

Outcome 2.2: Students will develop critical analysis skills and practices around the role of social justice in equity-minded change.

Goal 3: Our graduates will develop mastery of specific skills that they can apply to their professional fields.

Outcome 3.1: Students will develop an understanding of the impact of historical, political, and contextual perspectives on their professional practices.

Outcome 3.2: Students will develop the capacity to apply effective instructional practices in their field, including culturally relevant pedagogy, experiential and object-based education, and pedagogical content knowledge.

Foundations in Museum Education
EDL 604History of Museum Education3
EDL 615Museum Operation & Professions3
Inclusive Learning Environments/DEI
EDL 600Empowering Change Agents3
EDL 625Inclusive Practice in Museums3
EDL 670Strategic Human Resources3
Pedagogical Practices
EDL 685Instructional Design Contemp3
EDL 620Object-based Learning3
EDL 610Public Speaking & Presentation3
EDL 630Museum Education Internship3
Total Hours30