Pharmaceutics MS

A master’s in pharmaceutics program at Saint Joseph’s University provides you the experience necessary to improve how drugs are administered, helping you pave the way for new administration methods. Working one-on-one with expert faculty, you’ll gain insight and foresight as you uncover new areas of research in our state-of-the-art labs. Pharmaceutics classes are offered both full time and part time from our University City campus. With an advanced degree, your knowledge and network will help you begin a rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

Goal 1: Solid knowledge foundation and critical evaluation of scientific literature

Goal 2: Effective and accurate oral communication of scientific research

Goal 3: Ability to identify scientific questions or formulate hypotheses

Goal 4: Design and perform experiments to answer scientific questions or test hypotheses

Goal 5: Critical data analysis with appropriate statistical methods

Goal 6: Ability to draw evidence-based conclusions

Goal 7: Clear and accurate presentation of research results in writing

Goal 8:  Personal development/leadership/teamwork

Goal 9: Solid knowledge foundation and critical evaluation of scientific literature

PHS 702Controlled-Release Dosage Form2
PHS 750Manufacturing Pharmacy2
PHS 750LManufacturing Pharmacy Lab1
PHS 751Advanced Pharmaceutics3
PHT 750Research Ethics and Conduct2
PHT 811Research Techniques Laboratory1
PHS 890Pharmaceutics Seminar1
PHS 895Analysis of Current Literature2
Choose 6 credits of the following or PHT or PHS 700:800:6
Pharma & Biopharmaceutics I
Pharm-Biopharmaceutics II
Intro Scientific Data Analysis
Drug Discovery & Development
PHS 799Master's Research10
Total Hours30