Pharmaceutics M.S.

A master’s in pharmaceutics program at Saint Joseph’s University provides you the experience necessary to improve how drugs are administered, helping you pave the way for new administration methods. Working one-on-one with expert faculty, you’ll gain insight and foresight as you uncover new areas of research in our state-of-the-art labs. Pharmaceutics classes are offered both full time and part time from our University City campus. You can choose from a thesis or non-thesis master’s degree track (see MS in Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy: DDIP) or work toward the Pharmaceutics PhD. With an advanced degree, your knowledge and network will help you begin a rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

Outcome 1: Solid knowledge foundation and critical evaluation of scientific literature

Outcome 2: Effective and accurate oral communication of scientific research

Outcome 3: Ability to identify scientific questions or formulate hypotheses

Outcome 4: Design and perform experiments to answer scientific questions or test hypotheses

Outcome 5: Critical data analysis with appropriate statistical methods

Outcome 6: Ability to draw evidence-based conclusions

Outcome 7: Clear and accurate presentation of research results in writing

Outcome 8:  Personal development/leadership/teamwork

Outcome 9: Solid knowledge foundation and critical evaluation of scientific literature

PHS 703Pharma & Biopharmaceutics I3
PHS 709Pharm-Biopharmaceutics II3
PHS 751Advanced Pharmaceutics3
PHT 752Intro Scientific Data Analysis1
PHT 811Research Techniques Laboratory1
PHS 890Pharmaceutics Seminar1
PHS 895Analysis of Current Literature2
Elective: PHS or PHT or other 700, 8006
PHS 799Master’s Research10
Total Hours30