Sociology Minor

Goal 1: Sociology majors will demonstrate comprehension of the discipline of sociology and its role in contributing to our understanding of social reality.

Outcome 1.1: Students can apply the sociological imagination, sociological principles, and theoretical concepts.

Goal 2: Sociology majors will develop knowledge of sociological research methods.

Outcome 2.1: Students can critically assess research studies and explain why various methodological decisions were made.

Goal 3: Sociology majors will understand the operation of culture and social structure.

Outcome 3.1: Students can describe the significance of variations by race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and age, and thus critically assess societal systems.

SOC 101Intro to Sociology3
SOC 102Social Problems3
SOC 211Classical Sociological Theory3
SOC 312Research Methods3
or SOC 313 Data Analysis
Two upper division courses 201 and above6
Total Hours18

For Criminal Justice majors, the minor in sociology requires SOC 211SOC 312, or SOC 313 and four upper division SOC courses that do not also count towards the requirements for majors in criminal justice.