Pharmaceutical Sciences (PHS)

PHS 203 Pharm Sciences Orientation II (1 credit)

"The course introduces students to the different steps in the new drug development process and familiarizes them with FDA regulations pertaining to each of these steps."

PHS 303 Pharmaceutics&Biopharmaceu I (3 credits)

Provides the physicochemical and pharmaceutical principles for understanding the development, behavior, preparation, andstability of pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systems.

PHS 303L Pharmaceutics Laboratory (1 credit)

PHS 306 Research Techniques in PHS (3 credits)

The course will familiarize students with research techniques including chromatography, dissolution, electrophoresis,protein assays, and cell culture as it applies to the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Attributes: Undergraduate

PHS 391 Pharm Sciences Seminar I (1 credit)

PHS 400 Cosmetic Science (2 credits)

PHS 400L Cosmetics Laboratory (2 credits)

PHS 402 Controlled-Release Dosage Form (2 credits)

PHS 404 Pharm Sciences Seminar II (1 credit)

PHS 450 Manufacturing Pharmacy (2 credits)

PHS 450L Manufacturing Pharmacy Lab (1 credit)

PHS 702 Controlled-Release Dosage Form (2 credits)

PHS 703 Pharmaceutics&Biopharmaceu I (3 credits)

PHS 703L Pharmaceutics Laboratory (1 credit)

PHS 750 Advanced Pharmaceutics (4 credits)

PHS 799 Master’s Research (1-10 credits)

PHS 811 Drug Diffusion and Controlled (2 credits)

PHS 813 Design of Experiments (2 credits)

PHS 875 Drug Dynamics (3 credits)

PHS 880 Pharmaceutical Polymers (3 credits)

PHS 890 Pharmaceutics Seminar (1 credit)

PHS 895 Analysis of Current Literature (2 credits)

PHS 897 Research in Pharmaceutics (3 credits)

PHS 899 Doctoral Research (10 credits)