Business (BUS)

BUS 370 Special Topics (3 credits)

BUS 495 Business Policy (4 credits)

BUS 570 Strategic Management & Mktg (2 credits)

BUS 571 Global Business (4 credits)

International Management This course focuses on the interrelated issues of the environment of international business, international business strategy, and organizational structure behavior and coordination. The impact of culture, competition and market forces is explored. International trade will also be examined, with an emphasis on global trading blocs and transition economics. International Accounting A broad overview of international accounting with an emphasis on the standards and practices in selected countries (Japan, U.K., Germany) and regions (European Community). Issues of current interest such as attempts to harmonize differing financial disclosure practices around the world, international transfer pricing strategies, the accounting for foreign currency transactions, and the impact of international taxation will be discussed in an attempt to sensitize students to variations in the accounting practices encountered beyond the local (domestic) perspective. International Finance A study of the ways and means to reduce financial risks involved in international financial management. Consequently, the course deals with the interrelationship between the international monetary environment and financial planning for corporations with overseas operations. It analyzes the effects on international financial planning—such factors as exchange rate fluctuations, currency restrictions, and tax regulations. It examines financial aspects of multinational business including foreign investments and trade. International Marketing Analyzes the differences between marketing in the USA and international markets. The major objective is to have students gain an understanding of the people, history, culture, current economic situation, business practices, and entry strategies for the European Union, Eastern Europe, C.I.S., Middle East, Central and Latin America, and Asia.

Restrictions: Enrollment is limited to students with a major in Executive MBA Program (1-year) or Executive MBA Program. Enrollment limited to students in the MBAEX program. Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.

BUS 572 Global Residency (2 credits)

The international residency is an eight day (approximate) international trip under the guidance of EMBA faculty members. This trip provides first hand exposure to the impact of culture, competition, health care, and market forces on businesses and economies. Students tour businesses in a variety of industries, speak with executives and attend lectures. Project assignment for this course is given by EMBA faculty members assigned to the trip.

Restrictions: Enrollment is limited to students with a major in Executive MBA Program (1-year) or Executive MBA Program.

BUS 582 Business Ethics (2 credits)

One of the most distinctive features of Saint Joseph’s Executive Master’s in Food Marketing Program is its emphasis on business ethics. This course will explore the general background of moral theory followed by discussion of business ethics in specific situations. Decision scenarios, both written and video, as well as cases, will be evaluated. In addition, students will have the opportunity to discuss the ethical dilemmas which confront food marketers.

Restrictions: Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.

BUS 591 Business Ethics (2 credits)