Pharmacology & Toxicology, M.S.

Build your mastery of how drugs and chemicals work and be in the front lines of drug innovation with a pharmacology and toxicology graduate degree. Saint Joseph’s Master of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology program combines didactic course study with hands on laboratory research. Our thesis-based curriculum (offered as part time or full time) emphasizes the integration of pharmacology and toxicology with biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, physiology, statistics and experimental design. You’ll gain a solid knowledge foundation and hands-on research skills to pursue pharmacology and toxicology careers in academia, industry (pharmaceutical and biotech) or government. You’ll conduct independent research under the guidance of faculty researchers, defend a master’s thesis and present research findings at local and national scientific conferences. You also have the option to work toward the Pharmacology and Toxicology PhD degree.

Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate knowledge foundation and critical evaluation of scientific literature

Outcome 2: Student will demonstrate effective and accurate oral communication skills relates to scientific research

Outcome 3: Students will demonstrate ability to identify scientific questions and formulate hypotheses

Outcome 4: Students will design and perform experiments to answer scientific questions or test hypotheses

Outcome 5: Students will present critical data analysis with appropriate statistical methods

Outcome 6: Students will demonstrate the ability to draw evidence-based conclusions

Outcome 7: Students will clearly and accurately present research results in writing

Outcome 8: Students will engage in personal development/leadership/teamwork

PHT 703Advanced Toxicology3
PHT 721Advanced Medicinal Chem/Pharm4
PHT 752Intro Scientific Data Analysis1
PHT 801Research Lit in Pharm/Tox1
PHT 811Research Techniques Laboratory1
PHT 821Molecular Pharmacology3
PHT 880Pharm Tox Seminar1
Electives: PHT, PHS or others 700-800 level 6
PHT 799Master’s Research10
Total Hours30