Pharmacology and Toxicology, M.S.

Build your mastery of how drugs and chemicals work and be in the front lines of drug innovation with a pharmacology and toxicology graduate degree. Saint Joseph’s Master of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology program combines didactic course study with independent laboratory research.

Our thesis-based curriculum emphasizes the integration of pharmacology and toxicology with biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, physiology, statistics and experimental design. You’ll gain a solid knowledge foundation and hands-on research skills to pursue toxicology careers and pharmacologist careers in academia, private industry or public service. You’ll conduct independent research under the guidance of faculty researchers, defend a master’s thesis and present research findings at local and national scientific conferences. You also have the option to work toward the Pharmacology and Toxicology PhD degree.

PHT 750Research Ethics and Conduct2
PHT 801Research Lit in Pharm/Tox1-2
PHT 811Research Techniques Laboratory3
PHT 821Molecular Pharmacology3
PHT 880Pharm Tox Seminar1-2
Electives: PHT, PHS, BIO, CBI, MAT, CHM 700-800 level9
PHT 799Master’s Research10
Total Hours29-31