Doctor of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) will run as a part-time online program with intensive one-week residencies required each of the first two summers of the program.  The residencies are important to build relationships between students and faculty resulting in engagement in ethical practices and production of high-quality application-based research. 

As an alternative to the intensive one-week summer residencies, two weekend residencies could be offered in the fall and spring semesters each year. This would provide more frequent interaction between students and faculty and enable a stronger support structure for the dissertation research. It would also reduce the difficulty for students that might otherwise need to use vacation time to complete the summer residency requirements.

The program will be lockstep with a new cohort beginning each fall semester.  The course work will be completed in two years, with students enrolling in two courses conducted during seven-week sessions per semester (fall, spring and summer) with a final year for focused dissertation work.  If necessary, the dissertation research may be extended into a fourth year.

BUS 800Introduction to Research3
BUS 801Quantitative Res. Methods I3
BUS 802Quantitative Res. Methods II3
BUS 803Qualitative Res. Methods I3
BUS 804Qualitative Res. Methods II3
BUS 805Financial Markets and Policies3
BUS 806Seminar: Innovative Pedagogy3
BUS 807Business Projects Practicum3
Applied Research: Select 412
Applied Accounting Research
Applied Data Analytic Research
Applied Finance Research
Applied Marketing Research
Applied Strategy Research
Organizational Behavior Res.
BUS 896Dissertation Development I3
BUS 897Dissertation Development II3
BUS 898Dissertation Development III3
BUS 899Dissertation Development IV3
Total Hours48