Respiratory Care (RCP)

RCP 110 Respiratory Care Proc I (3 credits)

Basic bedside respiratory care procedures, medications, and the role of the respiratory therapist in the care of the patient will be presented in this course.

Attributes: Undergraduate

RCP 110L Respiratory Care Lab I (3 credits)

This course will provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate competency in basic respiratory procedures and medications administered in the lab and clinical setting.

Attributes: Undergraduate

RCP 130 Respiratory Care Theory I (2 credits)

This course focuses on the broader concepts and diseases which involve the respiratory therapist. It will cover gas laws and application to the pulmonary system, gas safety and storage systems, oximetry and arterial blood gas sampling and assessment, obstructive lung diseases, infectious diseases and application of microbiology.

Attributes: Undergraduate

RCP 140 Respiratory Care Proc II (2 credits)

This is a continuation of bedside respiratory care procedure concepts. Students will be introduced to advanced respiratory procedures and assessment.

Prerequisites: RCP 110 and (RCP 120 or RCP 110L) and RCP 130

RCP 140L Respiratory Care Lab II (1 credit)

This course will require the student to demonstrate competency in the procedural concepts of arterial blood gas sampling, airway insertion, suctioning and non-invasive ventilation. The student will have directed instruction at the bedside with their instructor.

Prerequisites: RCP 130

RCP 160 Respiratory Care Theory II (2 credits)

This course covers the cardiopulmonary physiology and concepts of spontaneous ventilation, non-invasive and invasive mechanical ventilation

Prerequisites: RCP 130

RCP 201 Entry Level Review (2 credits)

This course will focus on the students' preparation for the entry-level Respiratory Therapist Exam. Respiratory care in non-hospital sites will be discussed.

Prerequisites: RCP 140 and RCP 150 and RCP 160

RCP 210 Respiratory Care Proc III (3 credits)

This course will discuss the procedures used in pulmonary diagnostic measurements from bedside to PFT lab. Various diagnostic and other respiratory care procedures used in critical care and with mechanical ventilators will be reviewed.

Prerequisites: RCP 140

RCP 210L Respiratory Care Lab III (2 credits)

This course will require the student to demonstrate competency in the procedural concepts including bedside weaning measurements; PFT calibration and measurement; and ventilator initiation, set up, circuit change and monitoring. Students will practice procedures in the clinical simulation laboratory and at the bedside.

Prerequisites: RCP 140 and RCP 150 and RCP 160 and RCP 210 (may be taken concurrently)

RCP 230 Respiratory Care Theory III (2 credits)

This course will cover adult non-infectious diseases and application of mechanical ventilation to patients with chronic lung disease. Pediatric and neonatal diseases will be covered as they apply to respiratory care.

Prerequisites: RCP 140 and RCP 150 and RCP 160

RCP 240 RC Clinical Level I (2 credits)

This clinical will require the student to apply entry-level theory and procedures in the delivery of respiratory care at the bedside on the medical/surgical units.

Prerequisites: RCP 140 and RCP 150 and RCP 160

RCP 251 RC Proc & Diagnostics IV (3 credits)

Advanced pulmonary diagnostics and interpretation will be addressed. Additionally, mechanical ventilation and respiratory care of neonatal and pediatric patients will be discussed.

Prerequisites: RCP 210 and RCP 260 (may be taken concurrently)

RCP 260 Resp Care Lab IV Clinical (0 credits)

Clinical Portion of RCP 260

RCP 260L Respiratory Care Lab IV (3 credits)

Students will develop competency in the procedural concepts of neonatal and pediatric respiratory care. Additionally, students will apply this knowledge in neonatal/adult critical care clinical settings.

Prerequisites: RCP 220 and RCP 240 and RCP 251 (may be taken concurrently)

RCP 271 RC Theory & Applic IV (3 credits)

Students will explore topics in neonatal care, critical care pharmacology, hemodynamics, cardiology, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Prerequisites: RCP 230 and RCP 260

RCP 280 Adv Level Resp Care Review (2 credits)

This course will include a review of the basic respiratory therapist exam and prepare the student for the advanced respiratory therapist exams. Students must pass simulated credential exams.

Prerequisites: RCP 271

RCP 290 RC Clinical Level II (4 credits)

Students will have extensive clinical experience in adult critical care, neonatal and pediatrics.

Prerequisites: RCP 271 and RCP 251 and RCP 260