Pharmaceutics, PhD

Saint Joseph’s University’s PhD in pharmaceutics program explores how to best administer a drug to the human body and turn chemicals into effective medications. By learning how to improve the way drugs interact with the human body, you will advance to the forefront of medical progress and enable modern medical breakthroughs. With a doctoral degree, your knowledge and network will help you continue a rewarding career in the healthcare industry as a researcher and innovator.

PHS 750Advanced Pharmaceutics4
PHS 890Pharmaceutics Seminar1
PHS 897Research in Pharmaceutics3
Program Courses (Take One)2-3
Chemical Kinetics
Drug Diffusion and Controlled
Design of Experiments
Drug Dynamics
Pharmaceutical Polymers
Electives: PHS 700:898, BIO 700:898, CHM 700:898, PHT 700:898, MAT 700:898,10-11
PHS 899Doctoral Research20
Total Hours40-42