Pharmaceutics PhD

Saint Joseph’s University’s PhD in pharmaceutics program explores how to best administer a drug to the human body and turn chemicals into effective medications. By learning how to improve the way drugs interact with the human body, you will advance to the forefront of medical progress and enable modern medical breakthroughs. With a doctoral degree, your knowledge and network will help you continue a rewarding career in the healthcare industry as a researcher and innovator with advanced skills in formulation and delivery of medicine (drug development).

Outcome 1: Solid knowledge foundation and critical evaluation of scientific literature

Outcome 2: Effective and accurate oral communication of scientific research

Outcome 3: Ability to identify scientific questions or formulate hypotheses

Outcome 4: Design and perform experiments to answer scientific questions or test hypotheses

Outcome 5: Critical data analysis with appropriate statistical methods

Outcome 6:  Ability to draw evidence-based conclusions

Outcome 7:  Clear and accurate presentation of research results in writing

Outcome 8:  Personal development/leadership/teamwork

Outcome 9: Solid knowledge foundation and critical evaluation of scientific literature

PHS 703Pharma & Biopharmaceutics I3
PHS 709Pharm-Biopharmaceutics II3
PHS 751Advanced Pharmaceutics3
PHT 752Intro Scientific Data Analysis1
PHT 811Research Techniques Laboratory1
PHS 890Pharmaceutics Seminar1
PHS 895Analysis of Current Literature2
Electives: PHS, PHT, or others 700, 8006
PHS 899Doctoral Research10
PHS 899Doctoral Research10
Total Hours40