Applied Behavior Analysis M.S.


The Applied Behavior Analysis graduate degree program prepares students to  work with a variety of exceptionalities, and across settings in addressing and intervening on challenging behaviors. The proposed ABA degree program meets the education requirements set forth by the Behavior Analysts Behavior Board (BACB) and verified through Applied Behavior Analysts International (ABAI), following successful completion of independent fieldwork hours. 


The following curriculum outline is based on the verified course sequence for the 5th edition task list of the BACB for Applied Behavior Analysis programs. ABA 601-607 are the 7 required courses for the BACB.

ABA 601Concpts & Prin of Behav Analys3
ABA 602Ethics & Prof in Behav Analys3
ABA 603Measuring Eval Behav Change3
ABA 604Behavior Assessment3
ABA 605Behavior Change Procedures3
ABA 606Collab, Superv, & Mgmt in BA3
ABA 607Science and Philosophy of BA3
ABA 608Capstone: Applied Bahav Analys3
ABA 609Supervised Fieldwork in ABA4
SPE 630Design&Tech Differentiated Ins3
SPE 700SpecialEducation Law/Policy3
SPE 701Cog Proc: Resrch Brain Studies3
Total Hours43-44

Students who are completing undergraduate degrees leading to the BS in Autism Behavioral Studies have the option to complete a combined MS in Special Education with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis degree in five years (including the summer term after the fourth year). Students electing this option must apply to the graduate program in their junior year and be provisionally accepted before they complete the BS. They will be required to complete all the requirements for the normal MS, with the following additions/exceptions:

  • Students in the five year programs will have the option of taking up to 3 graduate courses that count toward the graduate degree while they are still enrolled as undergraduates. 

  • Students in the five year program will be expected to take 2 courses during the summer between their senior year and the fifth year.

  • Students considering the five year programs should speak with their advisors and the graduate director as early as possible.