Food Marketing B.B.A

HDC General Education Program (GEP) Requirement

(See Curricula.)

INT 101Seminar in Learning Strategies (required for some students)1
XXX 104: Adult Student Seminar Selection3
ENG 101Craft of Language3
ENG 102Texts & Contexts3
HIS 154Forging the Modern World3
Fine Arts or Literature course3
Language GEP course6
MAT 103Quantitative Appl in Business3
MAT 104Calculus Appl in Business3
PHL 154Moral Foundations3
Philosophical Anthropology course3
ECN 101Introductory Economics Micro3
Natural Science GEP course3
THE 154Faith, Justice & the Cath Trad3
or THE 221 Intro to the New Testament
Theology: Religious Difference course3
Faith and Reason course3
Select the following:6-9
Introductory Economics Macro
Additional course from approved list 1

Business Foundation Requirement

ACC 101Concepts of Financial Acct.3
ACC 101ECExcel Competency (not required of students who transfer in ACC 101)1
ACC 102Managerial Accounting3
DSS 200Intro to Information Systems3
DSS 210Business Statistics3
DSS 220Business Analytics3
FIN 200Intro to Finance3
MGT 360Legal Environment of Business3
MGT 110Essent'ls of Organzational Beh3
or MGT 120 Essentials of Management
MKT 201Principles of Marketing3
BUS 495Business Policy4

Food Marketing Majors

FMK 202Overview of the Globl Food Ind3
FMK 301Food Marketing Research3
FMK 302Undrstndg Food Cust & Consumrs3
FMK 303Food Marketing Communication3
FMK 318Retail Food Market Management3
FMK 401Food Marketing Strategy3

Note: Food Marketing majors require two ILC courses and have a total of 6 additional free electives.