Counseling and Psychology Professions Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Counseling and Psychology Professions is designed for individuals with an undergraduate degree in a non-psychology field who want to pivot to a career path in Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Substance Abuse Counseling, Social Work, Clinical Health Psychology, or Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  This certificate program offers clear direction for those interested in a career transition.  Among its offerings is a special course in professional development.  This course explores the different types of Master-level programs and how they differ from each other, helping students to decide on areas of specialization, socializing them to the professions, and providing guidance regarding the application process.

The program does NOT ensure either eligibility to take licensure exams or licensure itself in the counseling profession.  Rather, the program provides students with a guided path of pre-requisite courses that prepare them for a Master-level program in the counseling and helping professions.

Master-level programs in counseling psychology and related professions generally expect students to have a foundational understanding in psychology and psychopathology (psychological disorders) and an appreciation of the value of research in informing their selection of treatment tools.

PSY 100Introductory Psychology 13
PSY 122Abnormal Psychology/Non-Majors3
PSY 190Intro Research Method Soc Sci3
PSY 120Lifespan Development3
PSY 191Applied Stats for Social Sci3
PSY 132Professional Development3