Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation Studies Minor

The Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Studies program includes courses offered by the departments of History, Fine and Performing Arts, English, Modern and Classical Languages, Philosophy, Political Science and Theology. Courses taken to satisfy requirements of this program may also serve to satisfy GEP or major requirements, including Integrative Learning courses where appropriate. Participants choose a minimum of six courses from those listed below, with at least one from each group and no more than three from any one department. Substitutions may be approved upon request to the directors. Students who successfully complete the program requirements earn a Minor in Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation Studies.

Select a minimum of six courses from the following, with at least one from each group:
History Group
HIS 317The Rise of the West: 400-12003
HIS 318Italian Renaissance 1100-16003
HIS 319Reform/Rev in Europe 1500-16503
HIS 327Trans in Early Mod Europe3
HIS 329Crime & Punishment3
HIS 330Eng: Danes to Tudors, 700-14853
HIS 331Tudor-Stuart Eng, 1485-17143
HIS 339The Mongol Empire 1100-15003
HIS 348Witch, Law & Suprnat Early Eur3
HIS 382American Foreign Policy3
HIS 372Directed Rdgs in European His3
HIS 472Seminar in European History (with appropriate topic)3
Language, Literature and Fine Arts Group
ART 202Late Antique and Medieval Art3
ART 203Renaissance Art3
ART 204Baroque Art and Architecture3
ENG 301Middle English Literature3
ENG 302Renaissance Non-dramatic Lit3
ENG 303Renaissance Drama3
ENG 401Chaucer & the Medieval World3
ENG 402Shakespeare: Early Works3
ENG 403Shakespeare: Later Works3
ENG 404Eng,Irish,Anglophone Authors (with pre-1700 focus)3
ENG 482Literature & Culture3
FRE 330Medieval to Early Mod France3
FRE 421Love & Desire Med Fr Lit & Cul3
GRM 401Medieval German Literature3
ITA 315Italy Through Art3
ITA 380Ita Journeys from Marco Polo3
ITA 425Art&Madman:Renaissance&Reform3
ITA 445The Medici Court3
ITA 460Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio3
SPA 441Love, Cortshp & Vio in Med Lit3
SPA 442Passions Hrt & Soul in Imp Spn3
SPA 443Gender, Sexlity & Soc Conflct3
SPA 444Don Quixote3
SPA 445Lit Spn of Ignatius of Loyola3
Philosophy and Theology Group
PHL 360Philosophy of God in Aquinas3
PHL 410Medieval Philosophy3
PHL 412The Philosophy of Aquinas3
REL 241Islam3
THE 335Gendr & Christian Spirituality3
REL 335Christian Origins3
THE 333Knowl & Love of God - Mid Ages3
THE 334Revolt, Reform, Reunion?3
THE 343Theology of Word and Sacrament3
THE 371Christianity and Media3