Latin American Studies Minor

Students in the Latin American Studies Program explore the region through a variety of lenses, which they develop through an individualized and multi-disciplinary course of study. Students select from courses primarily in history; language, literature and culture; and political science, as well as economics, theology, sociology and art history. This multi-disciplinary approach to the region prepares students for graduate study or careers in government, nonprofit, education, and business environments.  Study abroad in Latin America is strongly encouraged.

Students complete the Minor in Latin American Studies with six courses. Since a level of proficiency in one of the region’s languages is a key component of the minor, students must complete relevant language courses, usually Spanish, through the 202 level or demonstrate proficiency through other means. In addition, to ensure the interdisciplinary focus of the minor, courses from at least three participating departments must be represented among the six courses completed. Students may petition the Latin American Studies Advisory Board to receive credit for courses not listed below, such as courses taken abroad. Students participating in study abroad or a study tour to Latin America are encouraged to ask the program director about the Charles Shreiner Scholarships.

Sample Course Offerings

ART 106Art of Colonial Latin America3
ECN 370Economic Development3
ECN 482Latin American Economies3
EDU 357Edu and Jesuit Missn in Lat Am3
FRE 461Caribbean Francophone Liter3
HIS 203Historical Intro to Latin Am3
HIS 204Latin American-U.S. Migration3
HIS 301United States and Latin Am3
HIS 302Colonial Mexico3
HIS 303History of Modern Mexico3
HIS 304Social Protest in Latin Am His3
HIS 475Seminar in Latin Am His3
LTT 461Franco-Afro-Caribbean Story3
MCC 150Special Topics in MCC3
MCC 360Space & Place in Col Latin Am3
POL 331Latin American Politics3
POL 337Contemp Cuban Politi, Std Tour3
POL 352Global Political Economy3
SOC 271Sociology of Migration3
SOC 316Fair Trade:Coffee-Co-Op to Cup3
SPA 202Intermediate Spanish II 13
SPA 301Spanish Conversation 13
SPA 302Spanish Composition 13
SPA 303Spa Conv for Heritage Speakers 13
SPA 310Intro to Lit of Sp-Spkng Wrld 13
SPA 320Cur Evnts in the Sp-Lang Media3
SPA 350Intro to Latin Amer Cultures3
SPA 355Río de la Plata:Study Tour3
SPA 360Spanish in the Community4
SPA 401Topics in Latin Am Cultures3
SPA 410Old Wrld to New Wrld Hsp Lit 13
SPA 411Mod Wld to Pres Wld in Hsp Lit 13
SPA 420Major Latin American Authors3
SPA 421Shrt Mod Latn Am Novel & Film3
SPA 422Cult, Dictshp & Exile: 1973-853
SPA 423Latin Am Modern Short Story3
SPA 424Discourse of Lat Am Modernity3
SPA 425Imagery of the Conquest3
SPA 426Culture in Revolution3
SPA 430Nar of Euro Explor & Con in Am3
SPA 431Commonplaces of Colonial Exp3
SPA 466Spanish Dialectology3
SPA 467Lang Contact & Pol in U.S.3
THE 356Liberation & Pol Theologies3
THE 358Faith, Justice & Jesuit Miss3
THE/IHS 368Just Hlth Care in Dev Nations3

Provisional Courses

The following courses may count toward the minor in Latin American Studies, depending on course content in a given semester, including the student's final project. Students who would like to include these courses in their Latin American Studies program of study should consult with the current Program Director in advance.

ECN 321International Trade3
ECN 350Monetary Economics3
PHL 257Philosophy and Liberation3
POL 341Revolts and Revolutions3
POL 342Nationalism3
POL 407Theories of Justice3
SPA 456Women's Voices in 20th Cen Fic3
SPA 470Topics in Spanish3

Study Tours

The following study tours are approved LAS courses. Some may also be offered in a non-study tour version.

ECN 482Latin American Economies3
EDU 357Edu and Jesuit Missn in Lat Am3
POL 337Contemp Cuban Politi, Std Tour3
SPA 355Río de la Plata:Study Tour3
SOC 316Fair Trade:Coffee-Co-Op to Cup3
THE 358Faith, Justice & Jesuit Miss3
THE/IHS 368Just Hlth Care in Dev Nations3