Health Education M.S. with Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that ABA and healthcare will steady increase over the next ten years and beyond.  The Masters of Arts in Health Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a 36-credit course sequence approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BCBA).  This degree prepares highly educated and trained students for careers as Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Students completing this graduate degree will be uniquely positioning for a rewarding career in behavior analysis and the ability to work within the entire United States and other areas around the World.  This coursework is specifically designed to expose students to the world of health care and behavior analysis simultaneously.  Once complete, students work in a variety of setting in the field such as general and special education, mental health, behavioral health, geriatrics, disability, business, and institutions of higher learning.

Topics covered include: GIS Mapping and health patterns, Epidemiology, Program Planning for Wellness, Curriculum Strategies, Health Services Research, Capstone, Principles of Behavior, Applied Behavior Analysis as well as consulting, behavioral development, clinical behavior analysis and ethics in behavior analysis. 

HED 551Map Hlth Res, Pln, Pol Dev&Mkt3
HED 552Epidemiology and Com Health3
HED 553Program Planning for Wellness3
HED 554Curric Strat for Hlth Educatrs3
HSV 550Health Services Research3
HSV 700Integ Capstne Crs in Hlth Serv3
ABA 622Basic Prin. of Behavr Analysis3
or CRJ 622 Basic Prin. of Behavr Analysis
ABA 623Applied Behavior Analysis3
or CRJ 623 Applied Behavior Analysis
ABA 624Behavior Analysis: Consult3
or CRJ 624 Behavior Analysis: Consult
ABA 625Behavioral Development3
or CRJ 625 Behavioral Development
ABA 626Clinical Behavior Analysis3
ABA 657Ethics in Behavior Analysis3
or CRJ 657 Ethics In Behavior Analysis