B.L.S. in General Studies (Online Professional Studies Concentration)

Professional Studies is an interdisciplinary concentration in the General Studies major that builds effective communication skillsand develops organizational development skills for the workplace. The Professional Studies concentration may be completed either on campus or online. The Professional Studies concentration requires 24 credit hours and complements the P.L.S. General Education Program.  Professional Studies is ideal for students who want to maximize credits completed at other accredited universities or colleges and apply them towards a bachelor's degree. Professional Studies concentration students apply their sharpened communication and interpersonal skills in the business or work place and set their goals for higher purposes after graduation. 

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Knowledge of learning theories, group dynamics, and organization development.
Objective 1.1: Student will describe the effects on organizations when various learning theories, group dynamics, and organizational models are introduced into any professional setting.

Goal 2: Strong effective communication in professional settings.

Objective 2.1: Students will demonstrate mastery in APA writing for grammar, mechanics, style, and referencing.

Objective 2.2: Students will support claims with research evidence and effectively proofread writing for clarity and organization.

Objective 2.3: Students will demonstrate professional skills in oral language, voice, and body expression for presentations and public speaking. 

Goal 3: Application of theories to work-related environments. 

Objective 3.1:  Students will become aware of the impact of individual identities (family background, roles, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation) on organizations.

Objective 3.2: Students will describe various leadership styles and explain one’s reasons for choosing one style over another in group settings.

General Education Program Courses

(See Curricula)

GEP Integrative Learning Component

Two courses in Psychology, Sociology, Political Science or Economics.

Professional Studies Concentration (online)

ODL 200Career & Personal Development3
ODL 300Organizational Development3
ODL 320Leadership & Development3
ODL 330Issues in Organiztnl Develop3
ODL 340Coaching & Consulting3
ENG 263Writing for Organizations3
Two approved major electives offered in Health Administration, Organizational Development & Leadership (other than the courses listed above), Management, Professional Writing, Leadership & Organizational Sustainability, or Managing Human Capital.