Gender Studies Minor

Requirements for the Gender Studies Minor

Students seeking a minor are required to select six courses from the program’s listings with no more than three from the same academic discipline. GEN 201 Seminar in Feminist Theories must be one of the six courses. Students are encouraged, but not required, to take GEN 470 Selected Topics in Gender Studies. Students may select courses from the following list:

ART 101Intro to Art History I3
ART 102Art History Survey II3
COM 473Special Topics/ Com&Digi Media3
ART 266Women in Modern Theatre3
EDU 369Perspectives of Women in Edu3
ENG 205Cultural Diversity3
ENG 208Special Topics in Literature3
ENG 329Black Women's Literature3
ENG 404Eng,Irish,Anglophone Authors3
ENG 405Henry VIII n Life & Literature3
ENG 416Rebellious Women Writers3
ENG 444Writing throughRaceClassGender3
ENG 445Gender & Narrative3
ENG 481Literary Forms & Styles3
FRE 422Fr Wom Writ of Mid Ages & Ren3
FRE 470Topics in French3
HIS 351Gndr, Ideolgy & Rev in E. Asia3
HIS 385His of Women in Am Since 18203
HIS 389Gender/Sexuality Mod Euro & US3
ITA 455Women's Voices3
MHC 150Gender Issues in the Workplace3
MHC 221Diversity in the Workplace3
PHL 395Junior Seminar3
PHL 446Feminist Epistemology3
POL 150First-Year Seminar3
POL 270Special Topics3
POL 309Advising the Presidency3
POL 323Women and American Politics3
POL 368Women, Gender & World Politics3
PSY 121Child Development3
PSY 123Psychology of Men and Women3
PSY 124Human Sexuality3
PSY 150Gender Matters3
PSY 152Psy of Violence & Aggression3
PSY 212Multicultural Psychology3
PSY 233Adulthood and Aging3
PSY 235Psychology of Gender3
PSY 494Research Sem:Soc Sci, Psych II3
REL 342Women in Muslim Tradition3
REL 370Spec Topics in Relig Studies3
REL 382Women & Religion in Anc Wrld3
SOC 102Social Problems3
SOC 202Adv Stud of Soc Prob FS & SL3
SOC 208Sociology of Gender3
SOC 209Sociology of IntimateRelations3
SOC 232Sociology of Human Sexuality3
SOC 254Violence and Victims3
SOC 322Cult & Politics of Motherhood3
SOC 323Health and Society3
SOC 351Gender and the Law3
SOC 356Gender, Crime & CJ3
SOC 386Violence in Intimate Relations3
SOC 470Special Topics3
SPA 443Gender, Sexlity & Soc Conflct3
SPA 455Women in Spanish Literature3
SPA 456Women's Voices in 20th Cen Fic3
THE 335Gendr & Christian Spirituality3
THE 350The Beauty of God3
THE 357Feminist Theologies3
THE 364Pursuit of Love: Sexual Ethics3
THE 365Marriage Same Sex Union Divorc3
THE 370Special Topics in Theology3