Online Accelerated Teacher Certification

Kenneth Rovine, Director
Merion Hall 227

OATCERT is an online, campus-free program which can lead to Pennsylvania secondary teacher certification (grades 7-12) as well as to an MS in Secondary Education. Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in one of the content areas for which certification is endorsed:

  • English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Physics), and
  • Citizenship.

Note: Course requirements (number and topics) subject to change based upon PA Department of Education regulations.

Goals & Objectives (See Secondary Education Goals & Objectives)

Required courses for PA Certification

EDU 550/550FHist & Contemp Perspect Educ3
EDU 557/557FAdolescent Psychology3
EDU 646/646FLanguage and Culture3
EDU 647/647FLiteracy & Learn Across Curric3
EDU 625-EDU 627/F: Instructional Techniques – Discipline Specific
SPE 600/600FFound & Current Issues: Sp Edu3
SPE 601
EducAssessment& ProgMonitoring
and FE: EducAssess&ProgMonitoring
SPE 615/615FTching Inclsve Adol Envirnmnts3
EDU 691Secondary Student Teaching6
Prescribed Electives for MS degree
EDU 600Educ Lead Research&Refl Pract3
EDL 605Critical Contemp Ed Issues3
EDL 680Law & American Ed3
ITS 605Technology Appl for Classroom3
SPE 630Design&Tech Differentiated Ins3

Other electives may be substituted with the permission of the OATCERT Director.