Master of Science in Education in Early Childhood Education PK-4

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of learner development.

Objective 1.1: The student will explain how learning occurs—how learners construct knowledge, acquire skills and develop disciplined thinking processes.

Objective 1.2: The student will identify readiness for learning and explain how development in one area may affect performance in others.

Goal 2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of learning differences.

Objective 2.1: The student will identify and explain reasons for differences in children’s learning and performance.

Objective 2.2: The student will articulate learner strengths based on their individual experiences, prior learning, and peer and social group interactions, as well as language, culture, family and community values.

Goal 3: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the central concepts of PK-4 teaching.

Objective 3.1: The student will identify and describe major concepts, assumptions, debates, processes of inquiry, and ways of knowing that are central to PK-4 teaching.

Objective 3.2: The student will identify and describe PK-4 content standards and learning progressions.

Goal 4: The student will plan instruction that supports PK-4 student learning.

Objective 4.1: The student will plan for instruction based on appropriate curriculum goals and content standards.

Objective 4.2: The student will plan instruction that is responsive to the identified strengths and needs of individual learners.

Goal 5: The student will demonstrate understanding and effective use of multiple methods of assessment.

Objective 5.1: The student will define and interpret types of valid and reliable education assessments (including screening, diagnostic, formative, summative, and authentic) and identify principles of their effective use.

Objective 5.2: The student will analyze and interpret assessment data to identify patterns and gaps in learning, to guide planning and instruction, and to provide meaningful feedback to all learners and their guardians.

Goal 6: The student will demonstrate an understanding of educating for social justice.

Objective 6.1: The student will describe key elements of interacting positively and respectfully with those of different racial, ethnic, language and socioeconomic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Objective 6.2: The student identify and describe practices and policies that reinforce inequalities and that undermine PK-4 student learning, as well as what can be done to challenge such practices in order to create a more just society.

List of Courses

Required courses for PA Certification PK-12 (42 credits):

EDU 550/550FHist & Contemp Perspect Educ3
EDU 551/551FPsych Teaching:Develop Perspec3
EDU 642/642FPerspectives in Early Child Ed3
EDU 646/646FLanguage and Culture3
EDU 632/632FReading Literature I3
EDU 640/640FReading Literature II3
EDU 663/663FScience Methods PK - 43
EDU 665/665FInterscip Teach Math,Sci&Tech3
EDU 667/667FTeach Soc Stud Thru Arts PK-43
SPE 600/600FFound & Current Issues: Sp Edu3
SPE 602/602FDiagnosticAsses/ProgressMon3
SPE 612/612FInclusive Classroom Practices3
EDU 695PK-4 Student Teaching6

"F" courses are those that have a field assignment