M.S. with Program Specialist Endorsement in English as a Second Language

Endorsement in English as a Second Language (ESL)

Althier Lazar, Director

The ESL training program at Saint Joseph’s University is designed to prepare teachers who have a valid Pennsylvania Instructional I or II certificate to obtain the Pennsylvania Program Specialist-ESL endorsement. The program aims to help candidates develop theoretical understanding and pedagogical knowledge and skills that are needed in working with students who are learning English as a second language.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of language as an integrative system.

Objective 1.1: The student will describe the components of language (phonology-the sound system; morphology-the structure of words; syntax-phrase and sentence structure; semantics-word/sentence meaning; pragmatics-the effect of context on language).

Objective 1.2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of how to apply knowledge of language as an integrated system to help ELLs acquire English.

Goal 2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of concepts, theories, research, and practice to facilitate the acquisition of a new language. (understand and apply” instead of ‘demonstrate’)

Objective 2.1: The student will apply the theory of comprehensible input to support emergent bilinguals’ development of a new language.

Objective 2.2: The student will demonstrate an ability to create a secure, positive, and motivating learning environment for emergent bilinguals.

Goal 3: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the role of culture in language development and academic achievement for emergent bilinguals.

Objective 3.1: The student will recognize how cultural values and beliefs shape language development.

Objective 3.2: The student will apply knowledge about the effects of racism, stereotyping, and discrimination to ESL teaching and learning.

Goal 4: The student will demonstrate understandings about the concepts, research, and best practices to plan classroom instruction for emergent bilinguals

Objective 4.1: The student will plan instruction based on the concepts, research and practices recommended for emergent bilinguals.

Objective 4.2: The student will plan learning experiences based on an assessment of students’ language proficiency and prior knowledge.

The English as a Second Language Program Specialist-ESL Endorsement Program requires 16 credits plus field experience hours

EDU 646Language and Culture3
EDU 710English Linguistics3
EDU 712Topics in Language Acquisition3
15 hours of field experience
EDU 713Method Teach English Sec Lang3
EDU 713FFE:Meth Teach English Sec Lang0
EDU 714Intnshp-ESL/Bilingual Programs (30 contact hours)4