Special Education Studies Minor

A minor in Special Education Studies is available for undergraduates who are interested in building a foundation in special education without pursuing PDE certification. 

Six courses are required for the minor: 

Required Core
SPE 160
Intro to Special Education
and FE Intro to Special Education
SPE 200
Teaching in Inclusive Environ
and FE Teachng in Inclusive Envirn
or SPE 203 Tchng Adolescents Inclus Envir
SPE 379Fam School & Comm:Diverse Soc3
Select three other courses from the list below:
Assessment:Ident & Progr Monit
Educ Stds w/High Incid Disabil
Educ Stds w/Low Incid Disabil
Literacy & Intervention Strat
Math & Content Area Interv Str
Ed Stds w/Emot-Social Beh Disb