Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist Endorsement

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics and etiology of ASD

Objective 1.1: The student will describe the defining characteristics of and diagnostic criteria for the various Autism Spectrum Disorders and other associated disorders, including common manifestations within communication and verbal behavior, social skills and social adaptation, repetitive and stereotypical behaviors, and patterns of responses to various sensory stimuli.

Objective 1.2: The student will identify and describe various diagnostic instruments and procedures, including their strengths and limitations.

Goal 2: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the use of assessment for instructional planning

Objective 2.1: The student will plan, structure, and conduct assessment for students with ASD.

Objective 2.2: The student will identify and demonstrate acceptable accommodations and   appropriate adaptations to state- and district-wide assessments for students with ASD.

Goal 3: Students will demonstrate the ability to plan instructional interventions and methods across settings and grade levels.

Objective 3.1: The student will describe, interpret, utilize, and evaluate instructional strategies based on the principles of applied behavior analysis.

Objective 3.2: The student will demonstrated the ability to organize classroom teams to provide effective intervention and instruction by developing and managing a daily schedule for students and multiple staff that specifies appropriate levels.

Goal 4: Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to effectively collaborate with families, agencies, and the community

Objective 4.1: The student will demonstrate the ability to facilitate family and school collaboration by demonstrating sensitivity to the range of the impact that ASD may have on the family system.

Objective 4.2: The student will identify various agencies and community systems that support students with ASD in home, community, and work settings.

(12 credits) - Online

SPE 720/720FIntro ASD: Caus Diag & Advoc3
SPE 721/721FAug & Alt Com & Soc Stratg3
SPE 722/722FEvid Based Prac: AI&I Method3
SPE 723/723FAutism: Behv Manag Approaches3

F courses are those that have a field assignment