Cybersecurity M.S.


The main objective of the program is to expose students to state-of-the-art concepts and techniques in the area cybersecurity in addition to providing them with the necessary theoretical and technical computational skills.

Learning Goals and Objectives

The program will produce graduates who will:

Goal 1: Be able to pursue their Ph.D. studies in Cybersecurity or related fields.

Students will be able to:

Objective 1.1: Identify, formulate, and solve problems encountered when constructing solutions involving cybersecurity and related fields.

Objective 1.2: Articulate the security and legal aspects of a computing environment.

Goal 2:  Succeed as practicing cybersecurity specialists.

Students will be able to:

Objective 2.1:  Analyze contemporary issues related to the evolving discipline of cybersecurity.

Objective 2.2:  Apply modern skills, techniques, and tools in their professional practice.

Degree Requirements for M.S. in Cybersecurity

The program requires completion of ten graduate courses (30 credits):

Core Courses15
Java Programming
Computing Essentials
Computer Architecture
Computer Systems
Database Systems
Elective Courses15
Five foundation courses:6
Introduction to Security
Advanced Security
Intro to Ethical Hacking
Security in Mobile App Design
Digital Forensics
Intro to Soc Net Anlys and Mdl
Research Project I

A student who receives a grade lower than a B in any core course must retake the course.