Pharmaceutical Chemistry Major

Pharmaceutical chemistry drives the production of new drugs that fight disease and promote healthier, more active lives. Saint Joseph’s is the only university in the region offering a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry. As a pharmaceutical chemistry major, you’ll learn all aspects of drug development, from initial design to delivery. You’ll gain valuable, hands-on experience and use sophisticated equipment in laboratory courses such as Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Synthesis. You’ll also have the opportunity to intern and conduct research under the supervision of a faculty member and an industrial/governmental scientist.

CHM 120General Chemistry I3
CHM 120LGeneral Chemistry Lab I2
BIO 132Introductory Biology I3
BIO 132LIntroductory Biology I Lab1
MAT 120The Mathematics of Modeling3
ENG 101Craft of Language3
CHM 125General Chemistry II3
CHM 125LGeneral Chemistry Lab II2
General Education3
MAT 161Calculus I4
ENG 102Texts & Contexts3
CHM 210Organic Chemistry I3
CHM 210LOrganic Chemistry Lab I1
CHM 204Literature of Chemistry1
MAT 162Calculus II4
PHY 105University Physics I3
PHY 105LUniversity Physics Lab I1
General Education3
CHM 215Organic Chemistry II3
CHM 215LOrganic Chemistry Lab II1
CHM 230Basic Inorganic Chemsitry3
MAT 213Calculus III4
PHY 106University Physics II3
PHY 106LUniversity Physics Lab II1
CHM 300Discussions in Chemistry1
CHM 310Physical Chemistry I3
CHM 341Molecular Structure Biochemist3
CHM 361Analytical Chemistry3
CHM 361LAnalytical Chemistry Laborator1
General Education3
CHM 315Physical Chemistry II3
CHM 343Intermediary Metabolic Biochem3
CHM 330Instrumental Analysis3
COM 101Communication and Public Life3
General Education3
CHM 390Chemistry Seminar0
CHM 411Medicinal Chemistry3
CHM 310LPhysical Chemistry Lab I2
CHM 368
CHM 464Pharmaceutical Analytical Chem3
CHM 464LPharm Analytical Chemistry Lab1
Pharm Chemistry Elective9
General Education6
Free Elective3
Total Hours117