Cell and Molecular Biology Ph.D

Expand your understanding of cellular and molecular biology with a doctoral degree designed to help science professionals become advanced leaders in biological research. Saint Joseph’s University’s interdisciplinary Cell and Molecular Biology PhD allows you to conduct novel and significant research in areas including microbiology, bioinformatics and biochemistry. You’ll also learn how to find and write research grant proposals through courses and mentor opportunities with expert faculty, publish in scientific journals and present in professional conferences

BIO 801Scientific Discourse1
BIO 624Biotechnology4
BIO 624LBiotechnology Lab0
BIO 767Cell Biology Methods Lab2
BIO 786Research Ethics1
BIO 861Cell and Molecular Biology3
BIO 887PhD Colloquium1
BIO 897Scientific Proposals2
MAT 704Statistics for Research3
BIO 785Introduction to Research1-2
BIO 899Doctoral Research20
Total Hours38-39