Cancer Biology Ph.D.

Saint Joseph’s University’s Cancer Biology PhD program prepares you to be a cancer biology researcher in academia or the public or private sector. Our fully-funded, joint program with The Wistar Institute, an international leader in biomedical research, combines the basic mechanisms of cancer biology with the translational aspects of drug discovery.

In this program, you’ll learn how the cancer cell works compared to normal cells and strategies to employ for new therapeutic regimens — high-demand skills in today’s research workforce. You'll also get thorough experience in experimental design, rigorous and ethical research conduct and robust analytical approaches and have the opportunity to publish in scientific journals.

BIO 624Biotechnology4
BIO 624LBiotechnology Lab0
BIO 786Research Ethics1
BIO 861Cell and Molecular Biology3
BIO 887PhD Colloquium1
BIO 897Scientific Proposals2
CHM 728Advanced Biochemistry3
CBI 785Introduction to Research2
BIO 801Scientific Discourse1
CBI 815Cancer Biology3
CBI 880Molecular Screening2
CBI 890Journal Club2
2 credits from the following:2
Advanced Topics in Biology
Independent Study
CBI 899Doctoral Research20
Total Hours46

CBI 785 Introduction to Research (1-4 credits)

This course is designed for students who are beginning the research phase of their thesis project. The course consists of atleast two rotations in the laboratories of program faculty.

CBI 815 Cancer Biology (3 credits)

This course is focused on the basic pathways and mechanisms of cancer development and progression as well as currentapproaches for the identification of therapies for the treatment of cancer.

CBI 880 Molecular Screening (2 credits)

with The goal of this course is to provide hands-on planning, conceptualization, and assay development of a molecular screening strategy relevant to cancer biology and cancer therapeutics. The wet lab component of the course is designed to leverage the existing collaboration between Wistar centered on the Molecular Screening Facility at The Wistar Institute.

CBI 890 Journal Club (2 credits)

CBI 899 Doctoral Research (1-9 credits)