Africana Studies Minor

Students interested in pursuing the Minor in Africana Studies should consult the Advising Support Center of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Africana Studies program currently includes courses offered by the departments of Economics, English, French, History, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Music, Theatre and Film, Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies. Courses taken to satisfy requirements of this program may also serve to satisfy GEP or major requirements, including Integrative Learning courses where appropriate. Participants choose a minimum of six courses from those listed below (both course numbers and course titles must match the ones listed below) with no more than three from any one department. Substitutions may be approved upon written application to the director. Students who successfully complete the program requirements earn a Minor in Africana Studies.

ECN 460African Economies3
ENG 150First Year Seminar (Protest & Civil Action: The Civil Rights Movement)3
ENG 150First Year Seminar (Black Popular Culture)3
ENG 205Cultural Diversity3
ENG 317Literature of South Africa3
ENG 320Contexts of Faith in Modrn Lit3
ENG 328African American Literature3
ENG 329Black Women's Literature3
ENG 429ReadingWritingCivil Right Move3
ENG 482Literature & Culture3
ENG 620Special Topics in Lit/Culture3
FRE 461Caribbean Francophone Liter3
HIS 211Historical Intro Pre-ModAfrica3
HIS 343African Ethnicities3
HIS 379Afr Amer Hist Since Civil War3
HIS 384The Civil Rights Mov in Am3
HIS 477Seminar in African History3
HIS 484Directed Rdgs in Latin Am Hist3
LTT 361French-Carib. Lit [in English]3
MTF 294Global Cinemas3
PHL 150First Year Seminar3
PHL 276Philosophy of Cornel West3
PHL 278Philosophy of MLK3
PHL 302Philosophy of Race3
PHL 304African Philosophy3
POL 337Contemp Cuban Politi, Std Tour3
POL 320Injustice & the Law3
POL 324Race & Ethnic Politics in U.S.3
POL 335Comp Pols of MENA3
REL 271African & Caribbean Religions3
REL 327Religion & Race in Phila.3
SOC 205Ethnic & Minority Relations3
SOC 210African-American Catholicism3
SOC 253Race and Social Justice3
SOC 355Race, Crime & CJ3
SOC 334African-American Experience3
SOC 355Race, Crime & CJ3
SOC 363Phila: In Black and White3